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We Currently Have some packaged cuts!! Won't last long so check them out.

  • ABOVE PRIME Purebred American Kobe AVAILABLE in retail vacuum packs!!
  • Vacuum packaged in popular sizes for 2 people or more.
  • Frozen and ready for your freezer.
  • Pricing
    Processed November 2017

Currently taking Orders for the 2018 Spring and Summer Season!!

  • ABOVE PRIME Purebred American Kobe AVAILABLE!!
  • Sold by the Half at $5.50 per lb. Hanging Weight plus processing.
  • Unlike most American Kobe you see on the web, Eversole Run Kobe Beef is purebred Tajima Wagyu and not F1 crosses with Angus!!
  • Purebred Wagyu make a big difference in Quality, Flavor, Health factors and Marbling!!
  • Processing for a half runs about 95 cents per lb hanging with a little more for patties, all vacuum packed
  • Can deliver a whole beef to your processor if you want a whole beef. (in central Ohio)
  • Each Half will average between 340 lbs to 420 lbs. hanging weight.
  • Vacuum packaged in cuts and weights of your choice.
  • Frozen and ready for your freezer.

Live Delivery to your processor of choice available in Central Ohio

All Eversole Run Farm Products are:

  • Vacuum sealed and frozen
  • USDA or State of Ohio Inspected
  • Pick up at Processor or at the Farm.
  • Occasionally have Retail cuts available at Farm, Call or email if interested.

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***pick up available at Farm by Appointment***